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More than a great workplace

We continually invest in Norton Folgate to improve the experience and wellbeing of everyone who visits.

It's all part of the masterplan

From biodiverse planting to smart technology, we are committed to creating the best experiences for our customers.

In numbers

Nature friendly

3,000+ sq ft of green roofs across Norton Folgate to promote biodiversity and wellbeing.

Smart technology

Optimised building performance helps customers achieve carbon goals and boost wellbeing.


13+ litres of fresh air per person per second in all offices – outperforming industry standards for wellbeing.

Active lifestyle

550 cycle spaces across Norton Folgate, along with showers, lockers and changing facilities.

Healthy materials

All our suppliers choose materials for the wellbeing of both the planet and people.

Independent certification

Platinum Wired Score target for connectivity.

We're on a mission

Many of our customers want to deepen their commitment to the place where they’re based and promote wellbeing for their people. We can help you connect to opportunities that increase impact for local communities and your team.