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Design for Wellbeing

Guided by the latest science and research, we create places that support wellbeing and productivity. Here’s what that means for customers at Norton Folgate.

  • Fresh air: With CO2 sensors on air handling units, fresh air will be supplied based on people using spaces, rather than an average ratio per sq ft [TBC by Smart team]. All offices will receive over 13 litres of fresh air per person per second – ahead of BCO requirements and better than Building Regulations – boosting health, wellbeing and cognitive functioning.
  • Daylight and views: Lighting in all spaces fulfils The Lighting Authority® recommendations, including high performance windows that allow daylight to flow in while minimising solar glare and heat gain, with visible light transmission (VLT) above 40%. The glass to floor area ratio is over 7% for natural daylight and views.
  • Thermal comfort: All year round, all regularly used spaces are targeting temperatures within 3° of 23°C – meeting both BREEAM and WELL thermal comfort criteria.
  • Nature friendly: Over 3,000 sq ft of green roofs across Norton Folgate will promote biodiversity and wellbeing, contributing to growing natural corridors for birds, bees and butterflies in central London. People feel better in healthy, biodiverse environments. To enhance this, we will add bird boxes for sparrows and swifts, log piles and bat boxes. Planting will include many pollinator friendly species, native varieties and wildflowers. People can also enjoy our public courtyard during the daytime, featuring biodiverse planting, a blossom tree, green wall and outdoor seating.