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Community Funds

All our campus customers can connect with each other and local partners through our campus community funds, created to make a real and long-lasting social impact. 

We established our first campus community fund with customers in 2016 – together agreeing priorities, pledging funds and awarding grants. This proved highly successful: over 1,400 local people benefited in the first year alone. We have since partnered with customers on our other campuses to launch additional funds. We look forward to launching our Norton Folgate Community Fund with customers, together supporting life-changing community activities in our local area. 

Customers from diverse sectors – including finance, media, tech, legal and pharma – have told us how much they value being part of our community funds and how it helps their employees feel more connected to where they work, that it is more than just a workplace. Over 30 businesses across our campuses have been involved in recent years. By working with the London Community Foundation, we ensure that donations make a real difference. 

Community funds are a natural extension of our customer networks, where we connect people around shared interests such as mental health, diversity and inclusion.  


“The Fund supports our business goals and benefits our employees, too. Through the Fund, we’ve got closer to our local community here in London. There are so many opportunities for our team to get involved… It feels good to have an impact day-to-day, face-to-face with people in our neighbourhood.” 

Luke Gregory of Facebook, British Land customer 


“By bringing together different occupiers of Regent’s Place, British Land is enabling us to maximise and amplify our impact by helping us collaborate and come together to solve things that matter to us as a community. It’s really enjoyable for our teams to have these volunteering opportunities and to come together in great networks.” 

Scott Sallée of dentsu international, British Land customer.